T4 Micron Waterproof Needle Drawing Pen


The T4 Micron Waterproof Needle Drawing Penare 100% Brand New. The fine tips range from 005. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 08.10.20 and are waterproof.

The pens can be used by Professional as well as Amateur Artist it is Perfect for Drawing, Sketching, Coloring, Animation, Fashion Clothes Designing, Architects, Tattoo Artist.

it can also be used for craft project, scrapbooking, journalising, hand lettering your diary or planner.

The fine tips is good for finalising sketches and colouring Mandala art, Zen-tangle

Please make sure you Cap the Pens immediately after using to prevent tip volatilisation


Package Contents:

10 Pcs Per Pack


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